from Südpol to Südpol

from Südpol to Südpol is the first production of IsALF. A co-production with Südpol Luzern (CH), Interdans npo (BE), Theater aan de Strom (BE). 

from Südpol to Südpol lies somewhere between the before and the after – in the neither. In moments when life takes a turning point. Sometimes turning points are longed for to escape the stressful routine of everyday’s life.On the other hand we are afraid of this change, to loos what is safe and beloved. Each biography is characterized by such drastic experiences and decisions, whereafter nothing seems to be as it was.
In his first full-length piece, the young choreographer Bert Uyttenhove takes his current life situation as thematic starting point of his choreography. Uyttenhove decided to work in the independent scene, after ten years as a professional dancer, the four last years in the Tanz Luzerner Theater.
The basis of his choreography however is not only his biography but: from Südpol to Südpol motivates the composer and the dancers to express their proper experiences and interpretations to meet the complexity and ambiguity of these life twists and turns.

concept: Bert Uyttenhove (BE)
Choreography: Bert Uyttenhove (BE)
Music: Yann Cleary (FR)
Rehearsal Assistent: Elisenda Cladellas Parellada (ES)
Dancers: Alice Bacile, Armando Disanto, Elisenda Cladellas parellada & Patscharaporn Distakul



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