IsALF is an non profit organisation founded in april 2013 to support contemporary dance.

The name of the organisation is an abbreviation of the word game “Idea’s are like fishing” by the artist David Lynch. This word game, which was the starting point of the latest creation from one of the supported artists of the association, represents what organisation stands for, we are always looking for new and innovative ideas and collaborations. Openness to new ideas is our concern.

Everything starts with a thought / idea and it grows by thinking more and more about it, until this Idea eventually becomes reality.

A few goals of our organisation are:  Establishing a network / exchange for dance professionals, with a focus on contemporary dance. To provide a platform for young choreographers in order to create and perform their pieces. To promote the exchange between different art forms and multimedia.

(all our further goals are explained in the statuten, IsALF)

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Supported artists
Find out more about our projects.